presenting for the jury


The Helsingin Sanomat building

One week ago, on Monday March 4th, we were given the opportunity to present PodCust in front of the Uutisraivaaja jury. The venue was Päivälehti Museum, in Ludviginkatu, downtown Helsinki.

Quick lesson in Suomi language:

päivä = day

lehti = leaf, sheet, gazette

päivälehti = the daily newspaper

You can pretty much guess what the museum’s exhibits are. We were kindly requested to wait for our turn in the basement, surrounded by newspaper printing machines, computers from the 80’s and relevant newspaper issues on the walls. The power of the Press was ubiquitous.

Two members of cynefo team were present: Anna & Dimitris who flew in from Zurich for this, escorted by Mania, the “godmother” of PodCust.

Helsinki weather had been capricious. It changed from very windy on Friday, to sunny on Saturday morning, to a heavy snow-storm on Saturday night, a pleasant quiet Sunday and a rather cold Monday morning, at -22 C. Much sunnier than Zurich, though.

We had had some time to prepare our presentation on Sunday. The last minute fine-tuning was done somewhere between tapas with red wine in Rautatientori, a long walk to Hakaniementori and strong coffee in Kaisaniemi.

icy weather

frozen sea

In the museum basement we had the chance to meet several other teams, who also patiently waited for their turn, as the schedule ran at least 20′ minutes late. We wished them good luck & rushed off to explain PodCust, in the 4′ minutes available to us.

Guess what! It turns out that you can explain your idea in almost 3′ minutes with 22 concise slides, because that’s just what we did. Subsequently, we received at least five questions from the audience, for which we made use of our back up slides.

Unfortunately, it was a closed doors event however, we promise to upload the official recording of the presentation, as soon as we receive it. The overall experience was very positive and to that effect, we need to point out the invaluable contribution of our supporters.

Hey guys, remember to “like” our fb page: PodCust of course!

Note: The pictures of this post were taken by Dimitris Servis.


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